Quality Control

MURILLO furniture, accessories and art works are hand made inside their factory in Cebu, Philippines. Great care is given to make sure that only high quality materials are used and excellent craftsmanship is applied to all their products in every step of the production. This is a MURILLO tradition that requires high degree of discipline especially when working with natural materials and using mainly manual manufacturing processes.

The factory has clean production area with pipe-in music for the whole facility. Music is a very big part in the company’s culture. It also has garden area to refresh tired senses. Founder Allan Murillo believes that excellent quality products are only possible when made in clean environment and done by people who are happy and have passion with what they do.

Happy workers produce happy products - products that have souls. The transfer of artistic and creative energies on the items from the different artisans involved in the process could be noticeable to someone sensitive enough. These are work of human hands and not by machines. Every piece is unique in its own way.

Each artisan is responsible for the quality of his work. His control is a result of experience and skills developed over the years. Quality doesn’t happen by chance. It’s an exercise done by everyone in different departments from framing, weaving, sanding, binding, painting until the items are delivered.

Before the products are packed and shipped, all their parts and components are checked. MURILLO guarantees that you will be happy when you see these beautiful pieces from their island Cebu.