Allan P. Murillo
Managing Director/Designer


Christopher P. Murillo Designer/Artist

MURILLO, though formally established only in 1993, is actually a company of people whose know-how and skills in the art of making quality furniture goes back a long way. Allan and Chris Murillo's father, Asher, for a long time has been doing furniture since early 60's and until now as a favorite pastime, used to bring them to his place of work.

The brothers imbibed their father's love of his work and everything connected with it- no surprise at all they have made it their life's work too. Absorbing and arming themselves with the needed technical skills, the brothers took up studies in welding, electricity, carpentry etc. during their school years. Working and learning from the expertise of craftspeople around them, the brothers discovered their innate talent for art and design and thus set out to make their mark in the furniture industry.

Their experience taught them a good understanding of specific materials and their potentials - its limitations and appropriateness. This often led them to show these materials almost in its natural state- often the most effective manner. Their work experience in Australia moreover exposed them to the residential and commercial standards of the furniture industry.

Already acknowledged by their peers in the industry, Murillo has won twice in the best product design Mugna Award ( Mugna the Cebuano word for, creation when used as a noun; to create, when used as a verb ) during the Philippine International Furniture Show in 2000, contemporary category and 2001, classical category. They also won for the Best Booth Design in the 2004 Cebu International Furniture and Furnishing Show. Their products can be found in many books and magazines published in different regions of the world.

Murillo has in its stable, not only some of the best craftsmen-carpenters and weavers in the industry, both experienced and trained ones, but also the ace that in Allan and Chris, they have the artistic and design talent that makes their products stand out. Being more technology driven than their father before them, the brothers constantly do research and development. They always look for ways to create and innovate-always exploring possibilities. A new interpretation of conventional furniture motivates the duo. Both have strong beliefs that design and function are very important elements in all the products they create.

Allan creates design concepts for the furniture while Chris does mostly the art works like sculptures, paintings, lamps and wall decors. Rattan, wicker, leather, iron, aluminum, wood, abaca, sea grass, and other natural materials are mixed with man-made ones. They play around subtle contrasts on colors, pattern, textures, shapes and forms.

Supremely crafted, clean fluid lines, elegant and excellent aesthetic details-these are the elements that the duo strives to achieve on both transitional and contemporary pieces they design. This reflects the company's enduring and deep respect of the craft while always having an open mind for new and creative ways of material applications and production. At the same time, they recognize their responsibility to their workers, the community and the environment.

The factory and showroom is located in Cebu, Philippines, 20 kilometers from the Mactan International airport. With about 150 craftsmen and craftswomen helping them interpret their designs, Murillo, is a mark for beautiful and truly unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

Murillo. Innovative ways of interpreting tradition.