MURILLO has been involved in manufacturing furniture and home furnishings for a longtime.

With over 60 years combined hands-on experience of the Founder/Designer Allan Murillo and his Designer/Artist brother Christopher in various stages of production, MURILLO is one of the most experienced company in the industry. Their close to 30 years-direct exposure to high quality, tastes and stringent demands of interior designers, decorator, architects and stylists abroad especially in Australia had given the duo a wealth of knowledge.

It aims to preserve the century-old craftsmanship and provide employment in the village where they were born. The company has about 150 craftsmen and craftswomen with most having an experience of at least 10 years who help them interpret their designs and art works.

Its products have been shipped to many countries like, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, India, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary, Russia, Guatemala, Korea, Finland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, Reunion Island, Bolivia, Barbados and Taiwan.

MURILLO products are produced according to its tradition of using only high quality materials and made by the hands of highly skilled artisans. It is a mark for beautiful and truly unique pieces of furniture and accessories.